The first word
We were actually lucky enough to record our childs first word. Check out the download page.

Know what you need!

Children are wonderful. But they are also demanding. When your first child is born, it is hard to know exactly what you will need. Here are our suggestions for what to buy for your first child. It is best to coordinate everything with your family otherwise youll end up with far too much of everything. And babies grow very, very fast.

Recommended basics

- 5-6 babygros -
- 5-6 rompers -
- 2 sets of pajamas -
- 3-4 sweaters or T-shirts -
- 2 hats -
- 2 coats -
- 5-6 pairs of socks -
- 1 pair of mittens -

For the nursery: a crib or cradle, a bassinet, a changing table with changing pad and diaper bucket, a heating lamp, bath tub, burp cloths, towels and flannels, a sleep sack, cozy blanket, and a music box.

The basics